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Little Stars Preschool Group

Little Stars Preschool Group

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A nursery or preschool is the nucleus and foundation for schools and higher levels of education, which cannot be underestimated. It is important because children start their observation, active listening and speaking both formally and informally in the setting. Additionally, they learn right from wrong, good habits, develop their skills and begin to find their social identity at a very young age. Therefore, childcare is a great responsibility for nursery owners, managers, staff, the community, and parents because a child’s mind is very absorbent. Every little action, even how a member of staff walks, or talks can readily be imitated by a child, and we must provide child-cantered education. Great educators such as Aristotle, Montessori, and Plato have all indicated that the child is the most important individual because they are the ones who will define and run the world in the future. Therefore, it is up to us to mould them properly with the correct principals, philosophies and psychology to enable them to reach their full potential both physically and emotionally

Little Stars Pre-School first opened as Hillfield Nursery under the management of Kirti Jobanputra who later took ownership of the setting in 1999, and together with her brother, established a reputable preschool under the name of Little Stars Preschool, building strong community relationships. In 2016, upon their retirement, Little Stars Preschool was offered to Darshika and Sanjay Rajendera. Darshika, a passionate team member of Little Stars at the time with over 10 years of childcare experience and qualified in Foundation Degree Working with Children and Young People now continues the legacy that was built over the past 18 years. Since taking over, Little Stars Preschool relocated to the current location in Wealdstone to extend services and provide greater conveniences for parents that include the care of children from 3-months to 5-years, opening times from 8.00am to 6.00pm and the significant benefits of a set-up nursery.


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